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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy new year!!

It's the last day of 2011. The last 40 minutes actually, over here in Aus-land. Can you believe it? 12 months ago we were preparing to come into this year, full of our own personal hopes, dreams, expectations and goals. Was 2011 what you expected?

At the start of each year, I go through the goals I had for the year just ended and think through them, then write a new set of goals, usually about 8-10, to hang on my wall for the next 12 months. A couple of those goals have been on the list for a few years running now...

3rd on the list for this year was "Continue to improve my beading skill," 5th was "Maintain friendships. Make new friends. Accept losses," 7th was "Enjoy the year of 2011," and 8th was "Learn a new craft." I am happy to share with you, readers, that I feel I have accomplished these things. Did you fullfill any of your goals for 2011?

I have many highlights of this year. One was learning bead embroidery, a technique I know cannot believe I had never survived without. :P Another was learning to walk up and down stairs again. I've had a hip problem for about 6 years now, and last year (2010) I had surgery to help fix it. I've only been walking up stairs for the past couple of months; before that, I hadn't been able to do it for 3 years. It's been amazing that I am finally able to start doing more with my body, on this journey of healing.

Friendships made, maintained, and repairing makes another highlight. This year was my first year of University, and I have met the most amazing people through that, through my new church, and through my beading, on Etsy. Leaving school has helped me to find my true friends, and I've loved maintaining contact with those who really matter. And those friendships that have been broken, it has been truely amazing to see people completely turn around and become different people, and to be able to repair a once-broken friendship with them is something really special.

So what are your highlights?

Just a little something to leave you with-my entry to the EBEG Bead Fest, "Winter Wonderland." It's called "Winter's Fingerprints" and features 5 totally different snowflakes. Hope you like it! :) Blog post to come...

I wish you all the best in the new year of 2012 (only 5 minutes away!!), may you all keep safe and have your most special dreams and hopes fullfilled. God bless you all :)

And happy beading!


  1. Very Pretty, I love the snowflakes, great job!
    Happy New Year!

  2. (Belated response...) Thankyou Therese!