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Monday, 20 June 2011

Hello again

Ok, so I'm basically talking to myself at the moment. I really should update my blog more often. No point having a blog if I don't make any posts...

So. I'm at University studying Science. I have had three exams in the first-ish week of June, and my last one is tomorrow!!! Can't wait to be finished for the sememster. So, as a result I have banned myself from beading until the exam is done. That didn't mean I couldn't dream about it, or surf the net about it, or read books and magazines about it...

I have several projects lined up for my 4.5 week holiday. Doesn't seem long enough, only a month, but ah well. So, projects. Well, I have two necklaces to finish for a friend, she's been waitin a while so I'd better get those done ASAP. On July 30 my cousin is holding a trivia and fundraiser night for her SIDS work in China, and I've been asked to donate a few pieces for the silent auction. Well, not donate. She's going to buy them off me.

Enough of the selling pieces. My other projects include a beaded evening bag for my older sister's 21st birthday, and a bead embroidered mask for me for her masquerade themed party. There's not enough time!!!! I shall make time. :P

Anyway, better go study some more fran├žais before the exam tomorrow... Maybe I'll break my pledge and do some beading when I get sick of it... :P

Catch ya next time!!

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